Funky Legs, McGee.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a pretty big clothes snob when it comes to dressing my babes--that is, when they do get dressed, because geez Louise, Huxley is not a fan of clothing. This boy is happier than anything buck naked all day long, even if the house is set to a cooler temp. So that being said, when he does rock his clothes, he rocks them well.

We were sent some ridiculously rad items from Funky-Legs. They hit the mark with their designs, especially these harem style leggings for Hux. The design is awesome, with the neon drawstring detail? Simply perfection. Funky-Legs are so snuggly, made with only the finest quality fabrics and designs that will set your kid apart from all the rest on their play-date. I also love to pack these as a back-up pair when we are out for special occasions and he's in slacks, these are my go-to 'ride home comfies'.

Ellis also got a really awesome pair of tights but she hasn't quite grown into them yet--she will model them soon for you all! Until then, go and check out Funky-Leg's website and order your little some stylin' legwear today!


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