my wild thing.

[Photo by the amazing + talented Highland Street Photography]

There has been a lacking of Huxley photos, and I hate that!
It's just that his lightening fast speed and perpetual motion makes it ridiculous to capture any of his antics these days. I really should just switch to videos. 

Hux has some hilarious little sayings lately. My favorite is when he says, "Oh, dear!" 
Really. My heart just crumbles.

The kids are on the upside with the health--the sinus sickies are finally exiting our bodies, although miss Ellis still has a very runny nose so I keep steaming her in the bathroom with essential oils in the tub, and using our Nose Frida like crazy. She's gotten used to me vacuuming boogers out.

We met with my primary doctor yesterday and discussed options for going forward with my persistent pain, deciding to do another ultrasound to see if the sceroma has grown. If there is more fluid then that will be tested, and depending on those results I will either go in for another operation or to a pain management clinic for physical therapy, etc. 

Either way we feel hopeful. Maybe by Christmas I will be feeling more like myself, and less grumpy and irritated from being so uncomfortable.

Speaking of Christmas! It has snowed here in Michigan! I love it. Huxley loves it. 
Matt is getting familiar with the different seasons this zip code has to offer.

Looking forward to winter activities, and being outdoors in this gorgeous area.

We are so blessed.


ps: winner of the insane Style Giving was announced here

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Elle said...

I have this same problem. Most of the pictures of my youngest are just blurs of a batman cape or a superman shirt. Those will be fun to show him later though. :)