just me + the Babes.

Oh, boy. It's back to reality. Thank my lucky stars--I wouldn't want it any other, wait. It WAS really awesome having Daddy here round the clock, snuggling and cooking and just generally being amazing.

I'm pretty much all healed up...kind of...I mean, the nurses only come twice a week instead of every.single.effing.morning at the butt crack of dawn.ugh. So that's an improvement.

And by the way...we've officially entered into the real world of raising a newborn + toddler.
What once was glorious sleep filled  nights the first few weeks with Lulu now goes something like this...

8pm: Ellis falls asleep.
9ishpm: Hux follows suit.
11pm: Just as I'm falling asleep, Ellis wakes. Nurses. Goes back down.
11:45pm: Hux is up. Needs a drink.
2am: Ellis is up. WIDE awake and wants us to fawn over her chunky cuteness. One of us grogily obliges while the other is tending to Huxley, who is now up as well because he wet the bed or he teeth are hurting. Or both.
4am: Ellis needs boobs.
5am: Hux wants cheese and crackers and Kipper.
7am: I am ready for a glass of wine.

 One kid was a cakewalk...but this isn't sooo bad. I mean, these are the best days of our lives, right?


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