Happy New Year!!

It seems my New Years announcement was a tad ambiguous...this little man is indeed going to be a BIG BROTHER! We are just entering the 2nd trimester (holy smokes) & nearing 14 weeks along.
I feel great, aside from this horrendous sinus & ear infection that has taken over both myself and Huxley. 

Matt and I are so incredibly excited, with a healthy dose of nervousness to boot. Having two in tow is going to be such a fun, crazy, awesome challenge, but we are both certain that Huxley will be amazing--as he always is, and effortlessly transition into his new role come July. 

Along with being just beyond thrilled, I am feeling some guilt & sadness for our last moments with just Hux. When he's wrapped around my neck snuggling me I can't help wondering what it'll be like when the baby arrives and my arms must hold not one but two. I know this is a natural part of the process. I don't dwell, but those thoughts & feelings are there and I don't think they'll subside until we're really in the thick of it (after baby is born). 

We look forward to sharing our adventure with you & send all good things.



ERiKA said...

i've been reading your blog for a few months now but this is the 1st i've commented. will you find out if it's a boy or girl?!

Hillary Brooke said...

Thanks Erika!
It's a pleasure to meet you!

We are still on the fence..we didn't find out with Hux, but we'll see with #2...we have a couple more weeks to decide :)

ERiKA said...

How fun! I do have a question...
my son is 6 months and seems to have the same body type as hux (long & lean)...finding pants that fit him is so hard! what were huxley's stats at like 3, 6, 9 & 12 months? what did he weigh/height? thanks!

Hillary Brooke said...

Oh is hard finding pants that fit our Bean Pole.

We do a lot of leggings type pants, and Tea Collection seem to fit him a lot better than most brands.

Good luck, Mama!