...& we are computing again!

It feels so awkward being on a computer!
After using only a smartphone or iPad to be connected to the WWW I am now back on a grown-up size computer, and can't stop trying to touch the screen to select things...woops.

Anyways, HI! 

We missed you. 
We hope you are still around, because sakes alive, Hux has gotten even cuter. 
If you can believe that...I didn't think it was possible myself!

But, seriously, our little Huxman is coming up with new ways to make us smile all the time, and communication has become almost effortless.

I promise you will be bombarded with photos + videos (and a new Giveaway to boot!!) and all things Huxley from here on out...
& to kick things off, a little video of Hux's favorite game, "Pop Pop Ew".

We shot this video the night he started playing the game with us--we didn't have a clue where it came from & was cracking our stuff up! I finally asked his school if they had a game like that, and sure enough, they did! What a little sponge!


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