Thankgiving #2-- in the books.

It's no secret in our house that Thanksgiving is Matt's faaaaavorite holiday.
My first clue was probably when he cooked an entire Thanksgiving feast in the middle of July. For no reason & then again in October just to "practice" for the Big Day.

His plate last night weighed atleast 4lbs.
It was kind of ridiculous.

...& delicious!
We have a new dish to add to our menu, and you should add it to yours too---corn casserole, yuh-um. 
Thank you Pinterest!

Hux on the other hand was all about the Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider & drinking from a big boy glass. He could give two rips about food. Unless it's ice cream. Or whipped cream. 
Or anything covered in those two things.

He is unofficially weaned, too...(still asks for them 3-100 times a day) & one would think that would help his appetite, but nope. 

I'm praying once these canines are through we'll have a voracious eater.
If not I'm just going to cover his broccoli in whipped cream...
(not really.)

I am so thankful for all of you, our family & friends, and even people we've never met, but still are bonded through a common love..Hux.

We hope you have a lovely weekend resting & digesting!


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Ana Cooks said...

He is so cute!
Have a lovely weekend!