pre-Halloween shenanigens.

Fall is totally kicking butt.
It's gorgeous here in Pennsylvania & today was no exception.

I got a wild hair and decided to dress Hux in his "Max" costume c/o The Radical Thread Co. You know, to make sure it fits, etc etc.

Mainly, I just think he's ridiculously cute with an animal nose & whiskers painted on him.

Tonight we are carving Huxley's first pumpkin! Hopefully he doesn't get a case of the "Ucky Hands" as we call it...(he gets it from his Mama).

There will be video & photos galore of that experience--you can count on it!

Until then,
here is the cuteness:


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Kristin Lloyd said...

No way! Hux & Max were twins this year! LOVE the radical thread costume. We put Max's together with pieces from different designers