Wild Crazy Long-Haired Hippie Boys + Brobands.

Do you have a long-haired hippie boy?

We're on the fence about trimming Huxley's hair---only because it's at that awkward stage where it's falling into his eyes and he can't seem to figure out to brush it aside, which results in some massive eye-rubbing sessions.

I've Google searched for "boy head bands", etc etc. Nada.
There are only gaudy giant flowered pink obnoxious things for girls.

Enter Brobands.
It's a little project I'm starting (as soon as Huxman is in school mid-September) via Etsy.
I'll be whipping up some bro-friendly bands to keep your bambino's locks out of his eyes made with upcycled tees, & vegan leather.

Here's a very rough prototype to give you an idea of how cute your little man is gonna look sportin' a Broband..

The main difficulty is getting Huxley to stop ripping it off his head--distraction works the best & then he forgets about it entirely and it keeps him from being blinded! 

I seriously can't wait to share this with all you pro-hippie heads.

My parents think they're gonna cut these sweet curls off Hux's head while we're visiting...
but I just don't think I can part with them.

Until then, we'll be Broband'in it up!

PS: we have a natural born rock climber on our hands...soooo stoked.


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