& we're back!

Oh, hey there!
Sorry we totally disappeared on you for a moment there--our server was down & we finally are back up and running today.

& guess what...Mama found here camera charger!!
Brace yourself for some major photo dumpage this week.
I've got some good ones.
(What photo of Hux isn't? Right?)

I've also got some huge stuff I have to get on the blog...think GIVEAWAYS, and other awesome things of that nature. Speaking of which, the Amazon + Starbucks GC Giveaway winner was finally chosen and announced HERE.

We've just been truckin' along over here. Waiting for these horrid molars to break through all the way, and enjoying these gorgeous summer days. Huxley is all signed up for school (tear) and will be starting mid-September.

I'm so emo over that last sentence you don't even know...
Where did my tiny little Squish Bug go? He's such a little man, and talking ALL. THE. TIME.

It really does just keep getting better & better...


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hetherington said...

man, that hux of yours is going to be a total babe one day! i can tell these things. :) he's a dumpling and a cool-lookin kid to boot!