a year's almost done...

This blog has definitely transformed itself over the past year.
It's gone from a little digital sketchbook I once would post my watercolors or poetry to a full fledged baby blog that is all about Huxley.

We've had so much fun documenting our travels with Hux and sharing them with you--our family, & friends.

We have so many fun ideas in store for the new year too.

  • Hux's favorite finger foods
  • What's in our fridge
  • Our favorite Mama & Baby products
  • What we're reading
  • New Year New Us: Matt & I's Journey through our Juice Fast (will commence as soon as Huxley is may not be until 2013!)

& of course...Giveaways!!

So keep stopping by & voting for us daily!
We are almost back into Top 25!!
Thank you for all the love & support..


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