my ham baby

Hux is a ham.
He has been quite "camera aware" since an early age, and aside from his visit with the Easter Bunny & Santa he will cheese it up to no end.

Ever since I got my new fancy schmancy DLSR for my Birthday (Matt spoils me, have I mentioned that?) I love attempting to get a good shot of Huxley--this has gotten so much harder since he became mobile.

Hux got this super sweet snuggly long sleeve tee & wooden Little Alouette fawn from Barely & Birch. You can't tell in the photos but the print is almost tie-died looking--LOVE it!! They have a Holiday Popup Shop going on right now that I highly suggest visiting!
Perfect gifts for a baby shower, Valentine's Day, or even someone's first birthday!

(hint hint, nudge nudge)

[shirt c/o Barley & Birch, Jeans c/o Mini Mioche]


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