an answered prayer by the children's fashion gods...

One of my favorite things to do as a Mommy is style Hux, but it is such a struggle to find functional, simple, clean designs.

I loathe Target's selection with cheesy, themed prints, corny sayings, horrible fabrics & so on. Even nicer stores seem to have all of those same undertones.

All I want is plain, comfortable, fashionable, oh & affordable clothes for my little man.

When I stumbled upon mini mioche and read about how designer Alyssa Kerbel had the exact same mentality as I do about children's clothing I wanted to give her the biggest hug and thank her for saving me from Dinosaur's & Monster Truck hell.

I was completely smitten with her line of adorably perfect layering basics.

This is mini mioche's premise:
  • Amazing basics and fashion styles
  • The absolute softest organic cotton
  • Great fitting products
  • Interesting and difficult to find colours, including black and other neutrals (nothing super cutesy and no pastels)
  • mini mioche is designed and manufactured entirely in Toronto, Canada.

I mean, it was like an answered prayer!!!

Alyssa was so generous & sent Hux the most rockin' outfit he has ever worn--a cardigan, skinny jeans & a circle scarf.

The fabrics are so snuggly soft, & made with 100% organic cotton. The jeans--which I was hesitant about since Huxley hasn't worn jeans yet--fit him perfectly & comfortably, & the scarf..c' is the coolest thing Hux has ever worn!

When you shop at mini mioche you not only get the best basics are out there--you are supporting an Eco-consicious hardworking awesome Mama.

It's a win win.

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Tales of a young mamma said...

i want that outfit for Jasper!!! AND YES I'm with you- I'm SO not into the cheesy neon colored t-shirts with lame sayings and monsters. Gag.

Melissa said...

love there stuff!! hope I win the giveaway!!!

emess said...

he is really cute...