We're re-writing the books.

To say Huxley disliked his crib would be understatement of the year.
He simply cannot stand it & we've tried everything to convince him it's the snuggliest, best place for him to rest his sweet little head.

He's not convinced.

We set him up with a mobile, nightlight, sound machine, nice sheets, a little pillow that once belonged to Mommy, lavender scent, warm comfy jammies, and his favorite blanket made by the "Big GG", back rubs, songs, you name it--& the little Prince has it.

No dice.

So last night we were at our wits end after visiting the doctor & having him semi-lecture me about him sleeping in our bed.

One of the sleep methods instructs the parent to go in and soothe the child as you're allowing them to adjust to their crib (aka cry their eyes out) but says DO NOT PICK CHILD UP.

It's terrible. I can't do it.

So I climbed in...

& he fell asleep.

(and then stupid me turned the light out after I'd climbed back out and he instantly sprang up completely'll try again when he isn't feeling so under the weather...maybe.)


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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be any help here because we actually kept Max in our bed until he was about 22 months. We then converted his crib (which like Hux he'd hated all along!) into a toddler bed. Once it was no longer a "cage" he was happy to sleep there. For the first few nights I slept on the floor next to him, but after that he was fine. I still lay next to him for a bit each night for storytime and then he falls asleep happy.