sickie baby.

We've been riddled with cold & flu grossness.
Just as I started to get over having pneumonia (for weeks) Matt came down with a sinus infection, and shortly after Hux & I followed suit.
It was all we to could to muster up energy to care for Huxley--who will always be our main priority. All I wanted was for him to be comfortable, and able to breathe.

(but man does this kid hate the booger sucker ball!!)

We're still under the weather, and I'm sorry we don't have any super cute Halloween photos to post. I had to work last night, and Huxley is still sick so I scrapped any thought of a costume.
Matt was cute & dressed Hux up as a baseball player to surprise me when I got home.

If you could send some good vibes our way for our health to return to normal that would be oh so lovely!


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Anonymous said...

I know this post was a week ago but I'm sending good vibes anyway! Take care of yourselves :) Being sick is not easy and as a whole family...ugh!