photos of what you really came here for: Huxley!!

Well hello there!

Yes, I have finally gotten around to putting up a few photos from our vacation in Michigan!
We had such an amazing time with our family & really wished it didn't fly by so fast.

Huxley turned 8 months old last week, and has gotten six teeth in (all at once, yikes!).

He loves being mobile. Crawling. Scooting. Climbing. Getting into ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

We have baby proofed our place the best we can for now, but Hux is really exploring anything he can reach.

We are entertained everyday by his silliness and curiosity, babbles and laughs.
He is very good at putting a smile on anyone's face---

Hux is truly our little Angelbaby.

[Hux & gorgeous Aunt Heather]

[Huxley's first driving lesson with Grandpa]

[Hux's first boat ride..he was not a fan of the life jacket.]

[Harvesting Edamame's on Mama's Birthday]

[Sink baths are fun!]

[First splashes in Lake Michigan]

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