how to shop at Whole Foods without spending your whole paycheck...

Do you like to eat?
We do too.
Do you like to eat awesome, delicious, organic & local foods?
Same here!

Aside from local Farmer's Markets we get our groceries at our local Whole Foods Market.
It can be pricey...if we let our tummy's write the shopping list.

& even with having an employee discount (yeah! hey! come check out in my aisle, guys!) our tabs sure do add up.

So I wanted to give you guys a little "insider's" tips on shopping at WFM.

  • Write a list! (if you go in blindly, you WILL leave spending at LEAST $75 bucks)
  • Shop the perimeter. Get organic fruits, veggies, meats, breads, dairies, but refrain from the middle isles the most you can--this is where you start stocking up on foods that are less wholesome...the entire point of Whole Foods is...WHOLE FOODS. When you buy pre-made, processed, etc. you add $$$ to your bill quickly.
  • Shop regularly and make friends with WF Team Members! Talk to your butcher, your produce guy/gal, the baker, a grocer or hey, talk to me, your friendly cashier! The more connections you make with workers at Whole Foods, & the more questions you ask about products, the more likely they are to "Sample" items out. (FREE products for you!) I "Sample" things out ALL the time to customers who are new, or wow, try this idea on for size...friendly back to me!?
  • Hit up our coupons. The Whole Deal Coupon Book is FILLED with amazing deals. It's literally like finding cash on the floor.
  • Bring in your own will save $0.05 off your total for every bag you bring
  • Buy in bulk---the bulk section is a huge money saver, from sushi rice to granola, as well as %10 off cases (of anything!) bottled water, milk, bananas, yogurt, name it..
& last but not least,
  • Friday Sales- Every Friday we have some amazing deal going on... I ALWAYS stock up. We had boneless, skinless chicken breast for wayyyy cheap one week and we are still eating off the stuff I froze.
I don't shop anywhere but Whole Foods anymore, because after I started working here, quite frankly, I don't trust any other store to handle what I eat.

I KNOW the workers here, and they know the farmers and dealers where the foods come from. The traceability is what gives me peace of know where an apple came from, the tree, the person who picked be able to trace that at ease---puts me at ease.

So write up your list. Plan your menus. Check The Whole Deal for coupons, and with reusable bag in tow, shop wisely & save a few bucks while giving your family the best foods they can eat.

I know I will be buying organic for life, and raising Huxley on the best foods out there, but I will be doing so with an ever conscience wallet...and shopping list!.



Tales of a young mamma said...

Thanks for the tips- all we shop at is Whole Foods also- maybe I need to get a JOB there!! :)

Ginny Bell said...

So glad to know your tips about shopping at Whole Foods. I did not know about the Friday thing and wonder if it is true nationwide. I live in Texas, so it would be good to know if the same holds true here.

Thanks for the good information!



Kristen said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm a big WF fan, but I do tend to wander up and down the aisles :-)

I never shop on Friday, so I'm definitely going to check out the Friday deals going forward!