It has been some day.
It all began at 5:30 am when I had to wake Huxley to take him to a meeting at work.
At lunch time I fed him fresh pureed peas, and he choked on some of the skins that didn't get mashed all the way.
I instantly sat him forward and gave his mouth the hook/swipe, and he puked the peas out.
I felt like a failure as a Mama for the first time.
Fast forward a few hours as I am trying to load Hux into the car so we can go to the Bookstore & poach the free internet.
I accidentally pinched his chubby baby thigh in his car seat buckle.
I feel like I need a timeout from my own son.
To add insult to injury my laptop dropped out of my bag when opening the door to grab it, and I lost a paycheck.

I can just hear my Father in my head telling me, "Slow down."
The best advice he's ever given me.

Aside from me being completely off today Hux is doing great, teething, a tad sassier, but great nonetheless.

Mama on the other hand...
[insert long sigh here]
our internet's down
& it's super hard for me to get to a cafe with the little mister sooooo

Also, the votes were reset on
so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for this face & it's cuteness...


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Jeffrey said...

I Repeat Slow Down! Dad

Jeffrey said...

Hux was 42 yesterday now he's 82 what's up with that? Dad