Yes, that's right. Huxley is officially riding the teething-train.

Drool mouth...check.
Putting everything he can grasp into said mouth...check.
Low-Mid Grade fever not reaching 101...yep, he's been running 100.6

(insert a freaking out Mama 'cause he has a high temperature here, and add a trip to his Pediatrician too.)

Red eyes from rubbing them...Dr. said this is a sign of teething so, check!
Diarrhea...another thing Dr. said was a side affect since of the excessive fun, but, check.

We have ourselves are real live slobberbaby, but he has remained just the sweetest little bundle.
Oh, and Huxley was showing off during the entire exam which led his Pediatrician to say that him rolling over & blowing raspberries is way advanced for being just only 15 weeks.

[Can we say Scholarship?]


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