back to the grind.

The long holiday weekend that the mister had simply spoiled us! It's hard to accept that it is Monday already, but we enjoyed our first Easter together as a family so so much.

We started the day with a yummy breakie hash made with yams, spinach, tomato, eggs, black beans, and turkey bacon. The Daddy play chef, and even made some interesting fruit smoothies! Afterwards, the little Bunner was snoozin' so we loaded him up and headed to church. Mind you, this was our first trip with baby in tote, but he was an absolute angel--organs blaring and all!

We didn't have enough time to make it to our family's Easter Dinner, because sadly I had to work, so we found ourselves having Sonic instead...

(yep...this is going to be one of those looking back with laughter holidays.)

All & all our Easter was special and full of love and laughter.

(Huxley made out like a Bandit! He especially liked the shaker egg, taggie blanket & teething ring.)


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