Flashback Friday

As with all new Mama's I am missing my pre-baby bod quite a bit.
It will take a lot of patience, discipline & hard work, but this lady is determined
to get back into my favorite 'kinis.
I'm almost back to being a complete veggie, but since I am nursing the chicken hasn't been
removed from the menu, yet. At my 6 week check-up I'd lost 20 lbs. and have 25 more to get back to pre-Hux weight. How will I achieve that?
Pure luck.
(kidding. sort of.)
Cutting the sugars down & eventually out. Lots. Of. Greens. Water & more water. And finally getting out and about with Hux in the stroller.
Thank Jesus, Spring's around the corner.

Here is the mister & I in West Palm Beach last March.

(My how our worlds were flipped in just one little year.)


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