this is how i became: naive/heart on my sleeve/easily deceived.

home is where:
i leave my purse unattended,
sit on public toilet seats,


without looking
cross busied streets...

have friends that pick me up
with wilting flowers & a sign,
knowing that i can love love love,
no matter how much or little time
i have to say
i'll stay & call you mine.

michigan has taught me bad habits,
i chase dreams like
foxes chase rabbits

& leave my passport on tables,
and doors unlocked

trust strangers with my bag of mess &
know the backroads when m-22 is blocked.

home is where,
it's always warm
i'm always known
i'm always half-grown.

and with cold cheeks
& only two too short weeks

i hope we can rearrange
this county like the romans to the greeks.

(i love you leelanau.)

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