Spring Oh-Nine Playlist

Dear April,

You fooled me! I was damn sure it was spring and then I woke up to snow covering every bit of pretty that was starting to show itself...I resigned myself to a pot of coffee & a bottle of Baileys.
Until you decide to stick around & shine a little light on this gray place I've made a collage of songs to help get me by...sun or no sun.


1. Bruce Springsteen- Old Dan Tucker
There's something about banjos that always pulls a smile to my face...and who can resist Bruce? C'mon. 

2. The Beatles- Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Pretty much any playlist I create will inevitably feature The Beatles, and I am A-Okay with that.

3. Telepopmusik- Anyway
This song never fails me. It's Kentucky back-roads & fresh cut grass. Sticky humid make-up sex & speeding through the S-Curves in downtown Louisville.

4. Tom Petty- Roll Another Joint
I'm a sucker for harmonica intros & songs about rebelling/pot smoking/forthrightness. The line, "I'm too alone to be proud," is all too relatable, hell, the whole entire song is.

5. Uffie- Pop the Glock
Sexy tasty drama beats.

6. Vampire Weekend- The Kids Don't Stand A Chance
This band has the ability to resonate their predecessors and to me sounds like Sting, Rusted Root, Minus the Bear, & Tally Hall in a blender...

7. Vanessa Carlton- White Houses
Yeah, I always die to trust pretty eyed boys too, V.

8. Wilco- I Must Be High
I must.

9. NOFX-Stickin In My Eye
Okay, now this song is the epitome of highschool orchard parties. There was always NOFX, Captain Morgan's, Raspberry Stoli Vodka, and lots of pseudo-incestual hooking ups happening amongst the cherry trees.

10. Mano Chao- Bongo Bong
One of the songs he performs in English. I dig & understand.

11. Ladytron- Tomorrow
Turn up loud, add some sunshine, & an iced coffee...lower aviators. Smirk scenesterly.

12. The Killers- Move Away
Resume doing what you were through track eleven, but add some fist-in-the-air pumping. 

13. K'nann- Yesterday
My latest obsession. He's raw. Real. Cuts deep.

14. Journey- Any Way You Want It
" you have any Journey?" to a friend while cruising through Colorado. Please, always have a few Journey tracks on your iPod incase I ride with you... thanks. 

15. Johnny Cash- God's Gonna Cut You Down
One of his darkest tracks in my humble opinion...I like dark.

16. Old Crow Medicine Show- Wagon Wheel
This song will always remind me of a summer long bender in Nashville...late night jam sessions, complete with harmonica, banjo & a group of severely talented people.

17. Ingrid Michaelson- You and I
Okay...the break-down in this song makes even the grayest of days feel sunny.

18. Headphones- Natural Disaster
Alot of those happen this time of year...thought it appropriate.

19. A Tribe Called Quest- Oh My God
Tribe is perfect for feelin' optimistic, and damn, in Michigan you need a lot of that in April.

20. Jimmy Eat World- Clarity
No playlist is complete without a JEW track. 

21. Ben Kweller- Gotta Move
Mm-hm, Ben, sing it & sing it loud. This is for all those county kids that would rather be somewhere else...somewhere preferably sunnier & less bi-polar when it comes to weather.

22. The Weepies- Gotta Have You
Coffee, crying, whiskey, wine got me through the give me some spring, and give me some love. Please.

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