Everyone knew her as Nancy.

Dear Sun,

Now you're just over-doing it. You had a great sunrise, & didn't need to go adding to it...really, is the Moon getting to you or what?

I attribute some of the wackiness going on to the holiday at hand. Last night especially, was way off kilter...c'mon, I flippin' power cleaned like nobody's business & as to the extent of it I'll spare you the details.

Onward and upward, just like you! I'm a little upset with you shaking me out of my dream. It was filled with my favorite people, one had an arm full of flower tattoos, which looked surprisingly fitting on her. There was also a boy with a guitar that came to steal my time and teach me how to play Rocky Raccoon on the guitar while playing it on the piano. To be honest I wasn't so good, but I knew all the words! But it was a silly Wonderland-like dream, and damn you from knocking it out of my mind...maybe I can pick up where I left off tonight.

At least the coffee's stronger than it's been in weeks.


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